How Fund Selection Works

A world class fund selection process

Reach Alts curates a pipeline of ‘best-in-class’, institutional-grade private market funds.

We do so by applying our own due diligence process to both the manager and fund. To be listed in our investment portal, each manager and fund must meet our criteria and pass our Investment Committee.

Fund Management
We select the world's leading managers, who are experienced, dedicated and have a cohesive senior management team.
We select funds that are likely to find outperformance or provide diversification. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance
We select managers who have a history of being able to source quality investment opportunities on a repeated basis.
We review fund terms to ensure that they are appropriate for our structure here in Australia.

Benefits of using the Reach Alts' Portal

Best-efforts liquidity windows
We offer community-led liquidity on a best-efforts basis to enable our investors to potentially sell-down or increase their holding during select times during their investment.
Increased accessibility
By bringing investors together, you do not need US$10 million to gain access, We can reach these world leading opportunities starting from as little as AU$75,000.
A digital experience
We provide an end-to-end digital solution to transact, administer, report and communicate in relation to your investments.

Long term investments

Private equity funds do not perform the same way as other assets you may be used to investing in. Typically, they may follow a 'j-curve'. This means there is usually a dip in the value of the investment during the initial years as new assets or investment are acquired by the manager. It takes time to see results - this is why it is 'patient money'.

To learn more, head over to our Education Hub.

Liquidity windows led by our community

All investments offered on our portal will likely be long-term investments, between 5 and 10+ years. Traditionally, private equity is completely illiquid, meaning there is little ability to exit until the fund matures. You should invest with that in mind.

As a non-institution, we understand there may be times when you need to exit an investment early. For select investments, we may provide at certain times community-led liquidity windows. This potentially allows you to sell-down or increase your holding over time, if you or another member of the funds wishes to buy or sell.

Liquidity is not guaranteed and you should refer to the information memorandum for the full terms of any investment.

How Reach Alts works


Secure Registration

Each investor first fills out their details through our secure onboarding process.


Investor Verification

To comply with Australian law, each of our investors undergo a verification process to ensure strict compliance and community solidarity. This includes anti-money laundering checks and proof that you meet the regulatory definition of a 'wholesale client'.


Select Fund

Once you have been approved, you will be able to view our funds. You can look at the details and consider which is right for you. Once decided, you can go on and invest, all online through our digital portal.


Robust Fund Monitoring

The digital nature of Reach Alts allows for tracking of your long-term investments.

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