Private Equity,
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Invest like the ultra-wealthy.

Join our community to access some of the most exclusive, hard to reach, private market funds from the world's leading asset managers.

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We provide access to the world’s leading private equity funds and help educate our community on how to invest in this space responsibly.

Why Invest in Private Equity?

1. Long-term Investment

2. Diversification

3. Exclusive opportunities

What does Reach Alts do differently?

Invest in the best.

Reach Alts subjects all funds listed to a thorough due diligence process, to ensure we select funds, run by the world's largest fund managers, that meet our criteria.


Providing accessibility through aggregation.

Many of the world's leading fund managers require over US$10 million to invest in their institutional-grade funds. This has, historically, limited investment in such funds to institutions or the ultra-wealthy. Reach Alts pools money from our community in order to access these funds.


Protected Investments through independent administration.

At Reach Alts, we partner with the best to ensure not only access to the world's leading funds, but prudent and secure management of our funds. Our investment structures are independently administered by a professional trustee & custodian here in Australia, which provides comfort of prudent oversight and Australia-compliant operation.

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Meet the Team.

Built by true entrepreneurs and ex-Investment Bankers. The portal is being built by a team of talented professionals from leading investment and technology companies including former Investment Bankers, entrepreneurs and top engineers.

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