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How we can help

At Reach Alternative Investments, we aim to connect wealth professionals and non-institutional investors with institutional-grade private market opportunities from the top asset managers around the globe.

“We understand that many Australian investors rely on their advisers and fund managers to help them manage their investment portfolio."

Sam PhillipsCEO

How do we help financial planners and advisors.

To bring institutional-grade private market funds to investors responsibly, we work with financial advisers / planners and incorporate them as part of our process.

We provide necessary materials to assist them and their clients to properly understand the investment opportunities.In addition, we provide integrated data feeds to ensure information reporting remain on the adviser account. Reach Alternative Investments’ investor portal ensures that financial advisers can actively participate and have oversight of their clients’ portfolio.

What are the benefits for fund managers?

We provide the world’s leading asset managers with access to the large pool of capital held in the hands of non-institutional investors in Australia and beyond, and deal with the administration that comes from smaller capital allocations.

By using Reach Alternative Investments, fund managers are able to keep their institutional-grade funds as intended and proven, they do not need to amend their investment thesis in order to cater to this new group of investors. We deal with the administration & compliance from smaller capital allocations, and provide liquidity (on a best efforts basis) to assist our clients.

Focus on quality funds

Our partners can be reassured that we will only list funds on our portal from asset managers with a similar pedigree. We are not here to clip large tickets on non-repeatable, single-asset opportunities that create potential for a reputation risk or provide access to small, boutique managers. We wish to scale responsibly and are focused on fee structures that are sustainable and allow for repeat business. We are here to protect our reputation and the reputation of our partners.

What makes us unique?

+ Access

We have access to some of the most exclusive institutional-grade funds, run by the world’s leading fund managers. Many of these funds have never been offered to non-institutional investors. We curate & structure them so non-institutional investors can now access them too.

+ Liquidity

We have created a portal that allows our community to provide liquidity to other members during select times of the year, after an initial lockup period. This may allow a member to increase or decrease their holding depending on community demand.

+ Research focused

We curate funds on our platform by undertaking extensive due diligence to ensure the funds are appropriate for listing.  It ensures that we only list quality funds on our portal from the world’s leading managers.

+ Independent

We are independent. We are not a fund manager, private bank or financial adviser. We see it as important to remain free and independent from any conflict of interest as we curate funds for our community.

+ One login

Once you are fully registered with us, you gain access to a diversity of funds and fund managers, without having to do separate KYC / AML or PEP compliance work. You have the ability to add multiple investment entities and receive reporting in one place.

+ Efficient adviser engagement

We engage with an advisory panel to ensure that the portal and services supports efficient adviser engagements.

Investing in private equity has never been easier.

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