Our Commitment to Global Fund Managers

Reach Alts
June 3, 2022

We provide the world’s leading asset managers with access to the large pool of capital held in the hands of non-institutional investors in Australia and beyond, and deal with the administration that comes from smaller capital allocations.

Many fund managers, who have previously been focused on institutional investors, are not well suited to the administration that comes with small capital allocations. To date, some fund managers have sought to democratise access to private equity, which is great! But, to do so, they have changed the nature of their institutional-grade funds in order to make them liquid, fundamentally altering the performance. This has, in some cases, hampered performance, with some funds trading at a significant discount to NAV, leading to upset investors.

We approach the problem from a different perspective. By using Reach Alternative Investments, fund managers are able to keep their institutional-grade funds as intended and proven, they do not need to amend their investment thesis in order to cater to this new group of investors. We deal with liquidity (on a last efforts basis) and the administration that is required for smaller capital allocations.

In addition, our partners can be reassured that we will only list funds on our platform from fund managers with a similar pedigree, typically from the top 20 global asset managers. We are not here to clip large tickets on non-repeatable, single-asset opportunities that create potential for a reputation risk.  We wish to scale responsibly and are focused on fee structures that are sustainable and allow for repeat business. We are here to protect our reputation and the reputation of the partners.

Through our Education Hub, we are able to provide fund managers a platform to engage and communicate with the Australian sophisticated investor market. We also can provide insights on the market and the funds that resonate in the Australian market.

While many fund managers are building out their own wealth management solutions, we provide a complementary service to be able to bring institutional-grade product to the mass-affluent with no requirement of the fund manager to amend their products.

For more information about our available private equity funds, please visit our private equity funds page.

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