Where do financial advisers fit with Reach Alts?

Reach Alts
May 18, 2022
We have designed our services to incorporate financial advisers & planners, not replace or exclude them from the process.

We understand that many Australian investors rely on their financial advisers / planners to help them manage their investment portfolio responsibly. Therefore, ensuring that Reach Alternative Investments enhances this relationship is crucial to scaling private markets responsibly.

We are able to work with financial adviser / planner groups to provide necessary materials, and access to fund managers, to assist them and their clients to properly understand the investment opportunities.

In addition, we provide integrated data feeds to ensure information, reporting and funds remain on the adviser account.

Reach Alternative Investments’ technology will ensure that financial advisers can actively participate and have oversight of their clients’ portfolio.

We will also ensure that financial advisers / planners:

1. Receive advice of forthcoming investment offers with access to our data room so they can enjoy a sufficient window of time for real time collaboration with their clients for pending offers;

2. We will provide advisers with access to our Education Hub to ensure they have the latest educational resources and insights;  

3. We will offer access to our webinar and digital roadshow content to ensure advisers remain connected to the latest pipeline of opportunities with investment manager-led engagement;

4. We will engage with an advisory panel to ensure that the platform and services supports efficient adviser engagement.

If you are a financial adviser and interested, contact us to find out more.

For more information about our available private equity funds, please visit our private equity funds page.

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