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Be part of a leading global buyout fund from one of the most respected names in private equity, EQT.

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Reach III - Global EX Feeder Fund provides access to a global top-tier buyout fund focusing on automation, big-data, digitisation & urbanisation, run by the global private market powerhouse, EQT.

Elevate your portfolio

Elevate your portfolio

Through our feeder fund you’ll have access to one of the world’s best private market managers in the buyout space. Adding private equity can increase diversification and performance potential when compared with simply investing in listed shares and bonds alone.*

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Any investment may fall in value.

Command your wealth

Command your wealth

The Reach III - Global EX Feeder Fund will primarily seek to make control and co-control equity investments in mid-to-large sized companies with attractive market positions, significant potential for revenue and earnings growth, strong cash flows and a solid platform that can retain and attract high-quality management.

Navigate with expertise

Navigate with expertise

The fund will target a gross Internal Rate of Return (IRR) of 20-25% per annum. This is expected to translate to a net of fees IRR of 14-19% per annum (net of both EQT and Reach fees).

EQT has managed to consistently achieve the performance targets across the EQT series since its establishment in 1994.

*Past performance is not indicative of future performance. Any investment may fall in value.

The EQT edge

The EQT edge

EQT applies a thematic and sector-based approach based on what EQT believes will be the key trends and drivers of longer-term economic growth. With this approach, EQT targets high-quality companies with sustainable growth potential in attractive industries with strong downside protection.

Accessing legendary managers through the fund

EQT is a global investment organisation with a 28-year history of investing in, owning and developing companies. With its roots in the Wallenberg family’s entrepreneurial mindset and philosophy of long-term ownership, EQT believes it is guided by a set of strong values and a distinct corporate culture. EQT manages and advises funds and vehicles that invest across the world with the mission to future-proof companies, generate attractive returns and make a positive impact. As of 31 December 2021, EQT funds have raised more than €100 billion since EQT’s establishment in 1994.

The current themes of focus include automation, big data, digitalisation e-commerce, sustainability, and urbanisation. Getting exposure to these themes is expected to be achieved by investing in companies in the healthcare, technology, services, and industrial technology sectors. There are scarce opportunities in the Australian market to invest in mature companies across these themes and sectors, potentially making the Fund a desirable addition to the portfolios of Australian investors, in terms of both opportunity for additional returns and diversification.

Underlying fund target investments

Through Reach III - Global EX Fund, you’ll get exposures in:

Growth Companies


With investment opportunities in:




With a thematic focus on:




Big data



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Why consider private equity?

Institutions have for years been turning to the world’s largest managers and their private market funds to find better return potential, with improved diversification & lower return volatility.

Look at the difference in their typical portfolio construction from the traditional 60 / 40 split.

60/40 Portfolio management with alternative investments

Why consider private equity?

Why have institutions made the change...

Private equity has outperformed listed markets, with lower volatility over the last 20+ years.  As noted by McKinsey:

“The most in-depth research continues to affirm that, by nearly any measure, private equity outperforms public market equivalents.”

Hamilton Lane Private Equity Chart

Source: Hamilton Lane data via Cobalt, Bloomberg, (January 2022). 10-Year Rolling TWRS.

Private equity is not listed equity and is for illustrative purpose only. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

Why consider private equity?

It has made all the difference...

If you had $100,000 to invest at the age of 30, you’d have $1m more in savings on retirement today, if you had invested just 20% in private equity, when compared to the traditional portfolio construction of 60/40.

Growth of Alternative Investments over time

*Value of hypothetical portfolio in nominal terms based on historical data, with returns averaged across all private equity and an allocation of 20% to private equity. Past performance is not indicative of future performance

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