Investing in Australian Private Equity: What You Need to Know

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November 7, 2023
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Investing in Australian Private Equity: What You Need to Know

Investing in Australian Private Equity: What You Need to Know

Private Equity (PE) has evolved into an attractive alternative asset class for a host of sophisticated investors in Australia. However, making prudent investment choices in this exclusive asset class could need deep knowledge about the intricacies of this dynamic financial landscape. Reach Alternative Investments is here to help simplify this process. We aim to make investing in private equity more accessible and more transparent for everyone.

Who Can Invest in Private Equity?

At Reach, we aim to make entry into this market more accessible, by permitting investment into a fund for as little as AU $15,000 for wholesale investors.

What Makes Reach the Ideal Companion in Your Investment Journey?

Our strength lies in our expertise and methodology. We research and curate top-tier private market funds from around the globe. We create the necessary legal structure in Australia to present these opportunities to you. Our user-friendly investor portal allows you to view these potential opportunities, study each fund, conduct background research, engage with our investment team, and finalise your decision if you wish to invest.

What Risks Should You Be Aware Of?

While the allure of private equity can seem attractive, understanding the risks remains fundamental. A range of factors including market volatility, illiquidity, and business insolvency amongst others could impact the value of your investment. It is therefore crucial to exercise due diligence and be pragmatic in your approach.

How Can I Become a Part of Reach?

Interested in exploring the world of private equity? Reach Alternative Investments makes the process simpler. Sign up with us and we will guide you through the entire journey. Explore our private markets portfolio, comprised of top funds globally, and potentially embark on your investment adventure.

Where Can I Learn More About Private Equity?

Still have questions or want to learn more about Private Equity? Reach offers an array of educational resources. From Private Equity 101, and advice on Unlocking the Potential of Private Equity Investments, to guidelines on Vetting a Private Equity Fund. Ultimately, we are dedicated to making your journey in this exclusive financial space as informed as possible.

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