Investment Criteria for SMSFs in Private Equity

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February 13, 2024
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Investment Criteria for SMSFs in Private Equity

Investment Criteria for SMSFs in Private Equity

How can a self-managed super fund (SMSF) get involved in private equity? What are the key considerations for an SMSF? These are some of the questions this discussion seeks to answer, as we explore the world of private equity investments for SMSFs. We delve into the benefits of venturing into this asset class, delve into the risks involved and highlight how experienced managers like Reach Alternative Investments can help guide your decisions.

What is Private Equity and How Can SMSFs Benefit?

Private equity represents investment in companies not listed on a public exchange. This asset class has the potential to provide an SMSF with excellent return prospects and diversification benefits. The potential for high returns from private equity can be attributed to the active management and strategic influence investors often exercise over their portfolio companies. However, it's essential to remember that past performance is not a guarantee of future results. SMSFs can benefit by adding a layer of diversification to their investment portfolio, which potentially could spread and reduce risk.

How does Reach Alternative Investments Assist SMSFs with Private Equity Investments?

Reach Alternative Investments provides a unique platform for wholesale investors, including SMSFs looking to invest in private equity. The portal offers access to top-tier private market funds, rigorously researched and curated by a team of experts, aiming to make the process potentially easier, safer, and better. As a sophisticated investor, you can select among these funds for an investment as low as AU $15,000 in a fund.

How Can Investors Understand the Risks Associated with Private Equity?

While private equity might offer substantial financial rewards, it doesn't come without its risks. Investments are usually long term, and there can be significant fluctuations in returns. Besides, the complexity of private equity investments makes it crucial for investors to fully understand the specifics of the deal and the degree of risk involved. Understanding the risks associated with each transaction is an integral part of the investment process.

How Do I Start My Private Equity Journey with Reach Alternative Investments?

At Reach Alternative Investments, we help guide you through all stages of your investment journey. You can sign up on our investment portal, peruse through our carefully curated funds, engage with our team, and manage your entire private market portfolio in one place. We strive to facilitate investing in global private equity funds approachable, efficient and compliant with all legislative standards.

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