Why Australians are Investing in Private Equity

How to Unlock the Exclusive World of Private Equity Investments in Australia

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January 30, 2024
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Why Australians are Investing in Private Equity
David Koch interviews Reach Alternative Assets' CEO Sam Philips

When it comes to investments, private equity has long been viewed as the playing field of billionaires and colossal institutions.

As David Koch, a prominent financial expert, notes, "Generally, if you haven't had a very large cheque book, it has certainly been out of bounds for most investors." However, this exclusive landscape is undergoing a transformative disruption.

"Like anything, it's being disrupted," Koch asserts, and Australian investors are at the forefront of this change as modern platforms are enabling Australians to get the benefits previously reserved for the exclusive class. 

But why invest in Private Equity at all? How’s it any better than the public markets? Here’s why Australian sophisticated investors are trusting private equity funds to grow their investments:

1. Historically Better Returns

Compared to traditional investment avenues, historically private equity has consistently offered superior returns. Platforms like Reach Alternative Investments tap into this potential, offering access to high-quality private equity investments funds by legendary names such as Bain Capital and BlackRock. These funds were previously reserved for the ultra-wealthy. As always, past performance is no guarantee of future performance.

2. A Haven from Stock Market Volatility

If the erratic nature of the stock market concerns you, private equity presents a compelling alternative. With its inherently lower volatility, it provides a steadier course through the tumultuous seas of global finance.

3. Enhanced Diversification

Diversifying your investment portfolio is critical to securing your financial future, and private equity opens doors to unique opportunities beyond the conventional markets. It's not just about spreading your investments; it's about strategically positioning them in varied sectors that offer growth and stability.

But how do you get access as an individual?

A transformative platform, Reach Alternative Investments democratises access to what was once an exclusive club, as David Koch says “without having to be a billionaire”. Signing up to their tech enabled portal and investing in a global fund by names such as BlackRock, EQT and PGIM  is almost as simple as investing in the public markets. For anyone serious about growing their diversity and securing their financial future, you can sign up now to see the available funds.

Join us, and be part of an elite group of savvy investors who are shaping their financial future with informed, strategic decisions. Invest with Reach, where exclusivity meets opportunity.

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